Sunday, November 22, 2009

The worst workout ever

Earlier this week I had one of those days...

I wanted to get my 45 minute tempo run in early, before my PT appointment (continued back problems). But of course I did not get going early enough. I had a great PT visit, and then drove straight to the gym to do my run on the treadmill. Because I had been out of the house at noon and was getting to the gym at 3:30, I had not eaten anything but small snacks since breakfast. But I figured the LUNA Bar and almonds would help me last through the workout. But here's how it went:

Got the the gym, changed into my workout clothes and brought my bag up to the exercise room.

All treadmills seemed to be taken, but I found an old, crappy one not in use, bummer is it doesn't have a fun and I sweat a ton.

Began my warm-up by walking, and after 3 minutes one of the nicer treadmills (with a fan!) next to me opened up. So at 5 minutes I got off, grabbed my bag, moved to the treadmill, set up my waterbottle, strapped my watch to the front handrail, got my iPod going, and continued my warm up with a slow jog.

After 10 seconds I realized the treadmill was off balance and shaking violently. Tried to stick with it since I had just changed treadmills. Laster another minute, realized I was not going to be able to run this way, and got off.

Back to treadmill #1. Moved the bag, re-set up my stuff, got my music on, started jogging again.

One minute later a different treadmill in front of me opened up. It was a nice one and had a fan in front of it! So again, moved all my crap, got set up, and continued with my warm-up.

After a total of 15 minutes of warming up I began the tempo run. It was tough, but normally the music helps me block out the pain. 10 minutes into it I knew it would really be a struggle because the music was not cutting it. Not even my favorite 80's music was helping!

At 15 minutes into the tempo portion I started to feel a lot of stomach pain and knew the small mocha I had in the am was coming back to haunt me. I have discovered (time and time again, unfortunately, that milk+hard run=well, how do I say it, ummmm, bowel problems). Took a trip to the bathroom.

Back on the treadmill I jogged slow for a few minutes, felt pretty good, then started the tempo run again. 10 minutes later, another bathroom break. I think the people behind me were wondering what the heck was going on.

Back on the treadmill again, I re-start the tempo run, and felt terrible, so decided I needed more calories. I got off the treadmill again (I think this was the 6th time off) and took a Gu.

Back on the treadmill I started the tempo run again, still felt terrible, and decided this would be an AeT run instead. If I had continued running fast, I was afraid this would happen:

Click Here!

I ran slow for the remaining 20 minutes, did a cool down. Then was ready to get the heck out of there.

I hopped off the treadmill, put a warm shirt on, got my bag and went home. What made people think I was even more of a freak is that I was wearing my Sugoi knee-high compression socks with my shorts. Nice late 70's look.

On the way home I realized that I had not left with everything I came with. I left, sitting exactly as it was, all the stuff ON the treadmill. My watch, my iPod, my waterbottle, my empty Gu wrapper, and my sweaty towel. Nice.

Now I have to go back and get it all. Hopefully this is not a sign of how my upcoming half marathon will go! Guess it's time to taper as my brain and my body are no longer functioning properly!

And for another laugh, check out this video too!

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Sparklinglady said...

i liked this post, not because you had the worst workout ever but because it happened right as i was coming home from the worst trip to NYC ever, so I felt like I was not alone. This post is even better now that we know how your 1/2 marathon went.