Tuesday, November 10, 2009

my favorite websites

Today I'm going to tell you about my favorite websites!

McMillan Running - McMillan's Running Calculator
This part of the website rocks in that you can enter in the time and distance of a recent race, and it will tell you your predicted time for a different race distance. Of course, that depends if you're actually trained for that distance, but it's pretty good! It also gives you paces to train at.

For example, my last 10K was 53:38 and I wonder what my time will be on my upcoming half marathon. Actually, it will be over by the time this post goes live, so I'll put my result at the bottom! :-) It says I'll do my half marathon in 1:59. I sure hope so! But, I'm taking into account that my 1oK was flat and the half is hilly. Also, I am training for that distance, where I was doing more speedwork for the 10K, so it all might even out!

Running For Fitness
I just found this website when I was looking to convert speed to pace. It has some great calculators listed to the left; age graded target times for races, predict VO2 max from a race, daily caloric needs, heart rate zones, and more!

Sports Basement
The best place online to buy discounted athletic apparel and gear! And if you're even in San Francisco, they have 3 stores there - but visit the giant Presidio store!

This store gets WAY too much of my money! Only the cutest yoga, athletic, swimwear and "lifestyle clothing" around! It rocks. They were purchased by the Gap about a year ago, which has ended up being even more dangerous for me, since the only store credit card I own is from the Gap, so I get points and special discounts. Yikes!

Team Estrogen
"Where Style Meets the Road" - so true! The have an extensive selection of women's cycling clothing, and they've recently added triathlon clothing as well. And the last couple of times I've ordered I've gotten free Team Estrogen sticky notes in my box!

May My Tri
I've tried Google Maps but find it just too frustrating to use. I use this to map runs and bike rides, but you can also find swim distances too. The annoying thing is they have an ad that pops up on your map that you have to move out of the way, but if you upgrade and pay that goes away! I'm too cheap to do that!

Training Peaks
I use this to record my training. I like it, but I have not used anything else, except for my homemade spreadsheets! I have friends that use the log on Beginner Triathlete.

Fit Day
I use this when I track my eating. It's nice because it has many foods already in it's database, you can create your own foods, and it tracks your calories by fat, carbohydrate and protein percentages. You can also enter in your fitness information, but I don't do that.

Feel free to add others by responding with a comment!


Shannon said...

I love your blog!
I did my first triathlon this year
for my race report: http://somedayiwillsoar.blogspot.com/2009/08/i-trid-it-and-i-loved-it.html

And I absolutely fell in love. I have a lot of weight to lose but still enjoy training for my sprints next year. Your blog is a lot of fun to read and helps me get motivated. Thank you!

Janet said...

Oh no. I think Athleta is my new favorite clothing site.

Don't forget skirtsports.com!