Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The American Physical Therapy Association Book of Body Maintenance and Repair

This is a really helpful book. Especially before I became an expert on knee pain from dealing with my own problems! Good to have on hand.

Amazon.com Review

Whether you've been injured or want to avoid injury, the American Physical Therapy Association Book of Body Repair and Maintenance can help you. Part 1 is the first place to go if you've been hurt. It presents nine common injury sites--back, neck, jaw, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, hip, knee, and ankle and foot--describing the anatomy and function of that area of the body, what can go wrong, and what to do if you experience pain or injury there. Part 2 explains how to avoid injury through proper posture, gait, body mechanics (how we use our bodies in daily activities), body weight, and footwear. You also get a program of beginning strength training and stretching, plus tips for avoiding injuries in sports, exercise activities, and in the workplace. Part 3 presents 200 clearly illustrated exercises for strength (beginning level) and flexibility that can be done at home. Some require dumbbells or ankle weights; most need no equipment. Many are done seated or lying down, so even if you haven't fully recovered, you can start to rehabilitate those areas that are ready. The illustrations are line drawings, large enough so that you can learn the exercises easily with the book open on the floor. This book is practical and helpful--don't wait until you get hurt to read it. --Joan Price

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