Thursday, November 12, 2009

"How To" Videos from Marc Evans Coaching

Recently I was looking through You Tube to find videos of how to run downhill. I've started hill repeats to prepare for my hilly half marathon in November, and had forgotten how painful they are on my joints. I wanted to learn the right way to do it.

Anyway, I came upon this series of videos from Marc Evans describing everything from Running Balance Drills and Testing to Swimming: How to Breathe Freestyle. I thought it might be something some of you would be interested in checking out!


The Evans Coaching Channel provides professional technique coaching and instruction in swimming, cycling and running, dryland training and workout modeling.

Coach Evans works with beginners, recreational, competitive, elite, professional and coaches.

The videos are intended to be viewed as if working with coaching Evans 1-on-1.

The channel is updated bi-weekly with new videos in: Swimming, Cycling, Running, Fitness, Q+A, and Workouts for endurance sport-triathlon.

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