Friday, December 18, 2009

TriClique Jewelry - gift idea!

Here is some cute tri jewelery I found on the Iron Girl site. It's from TriClique.

Iron Girl added TriClique Jewelry to its family of partners this season. TriClique, of Annapolis, MD is the official jewelry provider for the Aflac Iron Girl National Event Series.

In the TriClique Jewelry collection there is the perfect piece available to wear as a symbol of your event lifestyle. Also TriClique Jewelry also has a program to design your own piece of jewelry.

TriClique supports Iron Girl's mission of empowering women toward a healthy lifestyle and believes it is the joy felt through event participation that encourages women to accomplish their goals and live actively. The mission is to provide each participant with something beautiful by which she can remember her unique event experience.

TriClique founders, Meg Maier and Crissy Fuentes, created the brand in honor of triathlon, the sport that has most impacted them. Through their designs, Maier and Fuentes hope to promote the benefits of cross training and inspire women to challenge themselves, thereby discovering what they are capable of accomplishing.

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