Thursday, December 3, 2009

LUNA Pro Terra Castro's Ironman Arizona Race Report

Pro LUNA Chix triathlete Terra Castro is a wonderful and inspirational woman. Read her race report below. Congrats Terra!

Ironman Arizona 2009- Being Bold in Battle

The last race of the year on my schedule finally arrived, Ironman Arizona on November 22, 2009. I went into this Ironman knowing in my heart I had done all the work for a BOLD race. Racing all year with the focus of BEING BOLD, I desired to have the race that would put radiate exactly that. I have learned so much from the life challenges this year- my friend’s coma and my Papa’s kidney cancer. These experiences have made me stronger as a person. It intensified my hunger to achieve my goals in this sport.

Ironman Arizona had a very competitive women’s field. The weeks leading into the race, I had numerous people say I should race a different Ironman to obtain a “better result”. I kept to my plan knowing that one must not shy away from competition. I was prepared for battle and wanted to toe the line with the best, because it pulls the best out of you. I knew not to doubt what my heart said to do and what I physically was prepared for from training.

Race day was awesome. Things came together the way I had visualized. The swim was a bit frigid at 62F which lead to stumpy ice block feet as I got on the bike. I came out of the water with the eventual race winner, so was in perfect position going into the 112 miles. The bike was 3 loops, with a bit of wind the first 2 loops. I held steady, but lost a few positions near the end. I came off 11th though I biked a 17 minute PR. I handed off my bike to the amazing volunteers and knew I had work to do.

I kept telling myself to BE BOLD IN BATTLE because the race isn’t over till the finish line. I had my time goals for the marathon based on training and started clipping off the miles exactly where I needed to be. I started passing girls as the miles passed by, finding myself in 7th by mile 22. I remember Zane yelling at me that 6th wasn’t too far ahead, to GO! I dug deeper and passed 6th on a hill, and promised myself not to look back- the race is always IN FRONT OF YOU. At the mile 23 aid station Zane screamed 5th place is about 2 minutes up- BRIDGE THE GAP. I saw the excitement on his face, I threw my gel flask down as if it was WAR TIME and dug even deeper into that well to accelerate. I kept pushing forward, trying to see if I could see the 5th place mountain bike leader up on the path. I was using that as my carrot.

Unfortunately, I ran out of real estate by the time I got to the finish, crossing in 6th place. At that point it all hit me. I ran a 3:16, another HUGE PR, and crossed the line in 9:33- a 35+ min PR. I broke through a few barriers out there, I fought BOLDY the race before me and I could not be happier.

Once I crossed the line, USADA had me heading to drug testing, so I missed out on my finisher’s medal and t-shirt. My poor family had to wait awhile but we celebrated later with In and Out Burgers and milkshakes.

I sit here today on the Tuesday after the race more than grateful that I didn’t shy away from competition. I went to battle this past Sunday, and came out a better more BOLD Warrior. A warrior who is already craving the next battle.

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