Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my Newton review

Last month I posted an article that reviewed the Newton running shoes. At the time I had bought a pair, but had not worn them yet. I thought I would follow up on that now that I've given them a try!

After reading a lot of good reviews on them I wanted to give them a try, but not at full price! In October I found a pair on sale online, but they were the racing model, not the everyday model. I waited to try them until after my half marathon, I didn't want to risk causing an injury after all that hard work!

Right after the half marathon at the end of November I got sick. But I was desperate to get outside after a few days, so I took a walk, and decided that would be a great opportunity to try them out. So this was about a week after the half, walking, just to give you the background. And I walked to the drugstore to buy decongestants! Anyway, the 45 minute downhill walk there was fine, no problems. As I started to walk home my left heel hurt. Not in the arch, but in the padded part of the heel. Weird. I got home fine, but the heel pad was sore for a few days. Being the paranoid athlete I am, I went to my PT and he thought it was plantar fasciitis. Oh no, the dreaded PF! So I rested it for a week (and I was still sick) and now, 3 weeks later, that part is not sore, but I have some Achilles soreness. I'm not sure that's related to the shoe, but I'm not going to risk it and will not wear them again!
Anyone want to buy a pair of once used Newtons in a size 8??? :-)

In talking to other people, I guess they're a love them or hate them shoe. So what does not work for me may be great for you!

Another reader asked about the Vibram Five Finger (VFF) and Nike Frees. In my opinion, these would be a better way to go as they do not change your foot strike like the Newton's do, but make it feel more like barefoot running.

I would be curious about other opinions!

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