Monday, October 12, 2009

Triathlon Tips from Chrissie

I can't get enough of her, so hopefully you can't either! Here are "My Top Triathlon Tips" that appeared in Shape magazine in September 2009:

"3 Rules I Live By"
1. Remember your past successes - "When I'm struggling in a race, I think of other times I've overcome other hurdles. I instantly feel more confident and get a surge of energy."
2. Grin and Bear it - "No matter how hard the workout, smiling makes it feel easier."
3. Support your pals - "I owe my triathlon career to a friend who noticed my athletic strengths and encouraged me to get into racing."

The Exercise she Loves to Do
The Norfolk, England native works out for 6 hours almost every day. A move you can steal? The elevated lunge. Chrissie says it helps her run faster in the final sprint of a race.
Face away from a bench with the feet together and hands on the hips. Place top of left foot on bench. Bend right knee until thigh is parallel to the floor. Rise and repeat. Do 3 sets of 10 reps on each side.

What She Can't Live Without

TYR Jungle Floral Tankini
($66, "This wicking top keeps my skin dry no matter how many miles I log."

($13, "My favorite poem, If-, by Rudyard Kipling, is in this collection. It's about perseverance, and I try to live my life by it."

Muscle Milk Light 100-Calorie Vanilla Creme Nutritional Shake ($12 for 4, at grocery stores) "The 15 grams of protein give me fuel for workouts."

Oakley Enduring Breast Cancer Awareness sunglasses
($165, "I wear these in honor of my grandmother, who died of the disease"


Anonymous said...

Was this really posted by you at 5am? I've never known you to be up that early except on race day.

LaVonne said...

Who wrote this? H? :-) It is a secret - but you can schedule things to post. Tee hee!