Friday, October 30, 2009

Breast Cancer Fund

Being involved with Team LUNA Chix, I've been working a lot with Breast Cancer Fund (BCF). We raise money for them through our triathlon clinics, end of season auction, LUNAFEST and donations.

What I love about Breast Cancer Fund is that they support eliminating the environmental causes of breast cancer, rather than just looking for a cure. Duh, let's prevent it from even happening!

Their mission statement:

No more than 10 percent of breast cancers are genetic, and science points to toxic chemicals and radiation as factors in the sharp rise of breast cancer incidence. Through public education, policy initiatives, outdoor challenges and other innovative campaigns, the Breast Cancer Fund mobilizes the public to secure the changes needed to stop this disease before it starts

This is even more important to me because my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 10 years ago. Luckily, after having it removed and going through radiation, she has been cancer free since then. I started having mammograms at 38 years old because of this. But more importantly I have made a lot of changes to my lifestyle, because of the knowledge I've gained from BCF's research, to eliminate some of the known and suspected carcinogens from my daily routines. For example I don't use cosmetics with phthalates in them and I've started using glass food storage containers rather than plastic.

There is so much great information on their site, too much to list here. Please check out I'll also be posting about some of the information I think it relevant to female athletes throughout the year as well.

Here are some highlights from their site:
Prevention Matters

Who among us doesn't know someone who has faced breast cancer? It's time to move beyond awareness and focus on preventing breast cancer for our daughters and their daughters.

Get tips, sign our platform and spread the word that prevention matters »

[I've signed up to get their tips through my Facebook account and they are really interesting. I would suggest doing this!]

Demand a Refund from SIGG

SIGG has admitted it used BPA in its metal water bottles. Ask SIGG's CEO for a refund – not just a replacement – on your old SIGG bottles, and press the company to tell you what's in its new liner.

Write to SIGG's CEO »

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