Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Lesson I Learned Swimming Today

Today my swim set called for 30 x 25 yards with 20 seconds rest. Except I did it wrong. Even though I had written it down correctly and actually looked at the card while I was swimming, I still did it wrong. I actually did 30 x 50 yards. Ooops, double. They were supposed to be done at a moderately fast pace, with focus on form. That was the key, the form. So I did the first 24 of them, keeping the same time. But at the 25th, I felt my form totally falling apart. So I decided to slow it down a little and bring the focus back to my form. And you know what? Even though I slowed it down, my time was still exactly the same as the other ones. Why? Because my form was better!

The lesson today kids is:

Your form is uber-crucial in swimming. If you don't have it, take lessons. Do drills, have someone watch you, take a clinic. Lots of yardage in the pool will not help you much, except if you like injured shoulders and me passing you! :-) Spend the time that you need to so you do it right.

Happy swimming!
- LaVonne

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