Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ask the Experts: Long Runs After Long Rides, by Jeff Vicario

Interesting article from the Training Peaks Blog.

Question: I have a question related to scheduling my longest run. My legs often feel tired on my Sunday long runs following my Saturday long rides, I keep telling myself that my legs are going to be tired during my race so I should train them this way. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Answer: You are making a crucial mistake by running your longest of the week the day after your long ride. This (long run) should be done when your legs are at their freshest time in the week, not the day after a long bike ride. This will not prepare you for what you will experience in the race.

“Chronic fatigue,” the kind you have the day after a long ride, is not the same as “acute fatigue,” the kind you have immediately after a long ride. Running long with chronic fatigue is a good way to become injured. If the weekends are the only time to get that long ride and run in then make Saturday your long run and Sunday your long ride. Your fitness will progress faster and you’ll avoid common breakdowns.

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