Monday, February 22, 2010

Training on the Road

I have not posted in a while because I've been traveling a lot the past two weeks. This has brought up the challenge of trying to train, or at the very least maintain fitness, while on the road. Watching the Olympics on TV just does not count!

Cycling is out of the question, not traveling with the bike. Swimming is a maybe, but doubtful. Today I looked at my hotel pool and it was actually like a 10 yard lap pool! I got excited that maybe I would be able to swim, without having to swim 5 strokes in the shape of a paisly. But before I put on my suit I checked out the water temperature. Nope. Way too hot. Can't do it.

So that leaves running. I'm not brave enough to run outside in the dark in a new city, so that leaves the hotel treadmill. What is it about hotel gyms that are so frickin' hot? The last two I have only lasted 30 minutes before I thought I would pass out. But that's OK. Do an easy run one day, run hard intervals the next, easy run the next day, then a hard hill interval run. Short runs several days in a row is good!

The other thing that is often an option is weight lifting. Even if the hotel gym does not have free weights or a universal gym, you can still get a good strength workout. Sit ups, push ups, planks, walking lunges, side lying leg lifts, etc. You just need to commit to getting it done. 30 minutes of weight bearing exercise and a 30 minute run, better than sitting on your butt!

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