Thursday, June 2, 2011


I'm just going to write something myself today rather than re-posting an interesting article.

I had my LUNA Chix workout Tuesday night, and posted pictures on FB from the workout the next day.  Not all the pics I took, but ones of people I knew.  If it's a really bad picture, I don't post it.  And since this was a swim/bike brick, there were some not so good swim pics that will stay on my computer.

After posting the pics I got responses from two people. 

The first person said:
"Please don't tag me in the neoprene photo. Ugh, I look about ready to give birth. I HATE WETSUIT PIX OF ME! ;) OK, done yelling now."

I had not tagged her in the first place.  But I took down the picture, cropped her out, then re-posted the picture.

Then I got this message from the second person regarding a different picture:
"Oh my. That is a very unflattering picture :( Ack!" 

Feeling like I was not doing a nice thing posting pictures after all, I suggested that she could untag herself.  This was her response:

"Nay! I shall take it as a good thing, ie keep getting outside and being active :)" 

That made my day!  What a great attitude!  Many, many times I have felt like the first person, unhappy with my body, low self esteem, and generally not happy all-around.  Pictures put all that I hate about myself out there.

But honestly, people don't look at us as critically as we look at ourselves.  And I love that the second person, even though she didn't like the picture, is happy with herself  and the progress she's making to put it all out there!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry....I have a long, bad history with wetsuit photos. Not to mention horrible low self esteem in general (I know, hard to believe! LOL). I wish I could feel happy about myself in neoprene. I will work on it, I promise.