Friday, May 13, 2011

Team LUNA Chix Website

The new is live!

There are some big and subtle changes to the site.  Overall, the site is more interactive and easier to navigate.
Some of the new features include:
Chix Journal Bloggers: Follow 4 Chix from around the country (and Seattle's own LaVonne!) during the highs and lows of the season:  
  • LaVonne - Seattle Tri Team Leader, as she gets back in the game after knee surgery (this is me!  check out my FB page too!)
  • Mary Lou - Buffalo Run Team Leader, as she continues to look forward on her weight loss and athletic journey. 
  • Kelly - former Chicago Run Team Member, a young breast cancer survivor searching for her new "normal"
  • Linda - former Pro LUNA Chix Member, now a professional working mom heading back to work after the birth of her first child
Updated Home Page: Bringing to life the pillars of our program -- Chix Life (our Chix Journal, Local and Pro Team Stories/Blogs), Local Teams, Pro Teams, Breast Cancer Fund
Improved shareability across the site. Sign up to follow any blog, comment on posts and share with friends via Twitter, FB and email. Comment and let us know what you think! 

-Improved navigation of advice and tips:

-Our own video page, complete with new videos and hosted from YouTube!

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