Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2 Leg-Burning Bike Workouts

from Bicycling

Seven months of the year, Northern Vermont is a cyclists paradise. For the other five, its the coldest hell anyone's ever turned a pedal in. For the 65-member Green Mountain Bicycle Club/Excite/smartFUEL racing team, this means long hours on the trainer. So many, in fact, that the ceiling panels in team director Chris Lussiers basement have buckled and drooped from the sweat humidity. Lussier shares two of the teams favorite panel-bucklers.

King-of-the-Green-Mountain Hill Repeats

Time: 45+ minutes; Gearing: 53-12; Cadence: 50-55 rpm (moderate pace); Reps: Start with one, add one every week to four; Warning: Weak knees? Stay away.
Warm Up: light spinning for 15 minutes.
Workout: Elevate front wheel to stimulate climbing position of moderate (5 percent) grade. Set resistance that puts your cadence at about 50 rpm when pedaling in highest gear. On rollers, put a towel under one cylinder. Remain seated, relax your upper body and ride at a steady tempo for 5 minutes, then stand for 5 minutes (or as long as you can without shifting into a lower gear). rest: spin lightly for 10 minutes.
Cool Down: 10 minutes in a light gear.

Kicking-the-Dog Spin Sprints

Time: 1 hour+; Gearing: 39-17; Cadence: 100-125 rpm; Reps: Start with 5 or 6, build up to 10
Warm Up: light spinning for 15 minutes
Workout: Set your resistance light, but heavy enough to keep you from flying off the bike when you sprint. Sprints can be done seated or standing. Sitting allows you to attain a higher RPM, while standing provides a more realistic simulation. On rollers? Stay seated! Sprints should last 6-10 seconds. Concentrate on form and attaining the highest RPM possible. The key to this workout is focusing on pulling up and snapping over the top of the pedal stroke. Imagine kicking a dog that is nipping at your front wheel.
Rest: spin lightly for 5 minutes between each sprint.
Cool Down: 10 minutes in a light gear.

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