Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Q&A: Are Super Flexible Runners More Injury-Prone?

[This Q&A from Core Performance is interesting for me because I'm pretty flexible and a PT once told me that it's harder for super flexible people to run fast, because they can't hold their pillar as strong.  So guess who is doing a bunch of core exercises this spring!  Look at the post before this for pillar strength info.  Also search "strength training" for more exercises. - TG]

Q: Can being super flexible make runners more prone to injury?
A: Superb flexibility doesn't necessarily make you more injury-prone unless you also lack stability. A combination of great mobility and poor stability is a recipe for injury because it's harder to control your movement when you run or do any activity.

If you have Gumby-like flexibility, use it to your advantage by spending extra time working on the stability of your hips, torso, and shoulders—also known as your "pillar." Every workout should include moves for your pillar like bridges and planks. Watch the videos below for a couple examples. For more exercises and advice on how to strengthen your pillar, click here.

Plank with Arm Lift (Click for details.)
Lateral Pillar Bridge (Click for details.)

Sue Falsone – As the Director of Performance Physical Therapy and Team Sports, Sue Falsone provides the critical link between therapy and performance. She develops and implements therapy regimens for athletes at Athletes' Performance.

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