Monday, October 25, 2010

Paulina Porizkova

She really has nothing to do with triathlons, but I find her articles/blogs really interesting. I think because she posts a lot on beauty and aging, and I'm still struggling with the fact that I turned 40 six months ago. They're good to read because she has an interesting perspective. You can read about her here on Huffington Post.

"...maybe nothing ages as poorly as a beautiful woman's ego.

When you're used to one sort of treatment, it's really hard to get demoted, even if that new treatment is still better than the average. Boohoo. I know. My life is sucks. Now, I don't actually know the exact cut-off age where beautiful ceases and "must have-once-been-beautiful" begins. It's true it's not forty-five. I can still get attention when I try really hard, even if it's greatly reduced. But would I ever have dreamed that I would miss the time I couldn't walk past a construction site unmolested? These days when someone whistles at me, it's mostly a bike messenger about to mow me down."

It's funny and interesting. Here is this article titled Aging.

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