Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is Being a Pro Athlete all it's Cracked up to be?

My friend and LUNA Pro Triathlete Terra Castro has a great post in her blog about this. Terra is one of the nicest, most giving and positive women you'll meet.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Not So "Glam"

At Masters Swim Practice this morning in a pool that isn't quite cool - a nice balmy 87F- a few of the sassy pants men in the fast lane were teasing me that my life is so easy. Train all day, nap, eat. Funny, I just look at them and shake my head. The life of a pro triathlete is not always "GLAM". This is the career I have chosen and feel blessed to participate in.

Let's see if I can think of a few minor yucky, not so glam items to balance out the teasing:

* Last Sunday during my long run super coach husband who was carrying my water started getting after me to keep me honest- "I will leave you out here with no water if you don't pick it up...." needless to say I picked it up and ended up with 1 toenail lost and bloody blisters later.

* 2008 as I was preparing for Ironman Arizona I was t-boned by a dog, knocked out and bloody, a broken carbon TT bike and had to get 6 stitches in the knee thanks to our friend (an ER doc) because I can't afford to go to the hospital. Some things are just out of your control and that stinks! Office jobs are a bit more "predictable" and safe.

* 2007 I almost walked the entire marathon at Ironman World Championships, in Kona, barfing my guts out every mile. It sucked. I was at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS and I wasn't even "racing". It was an expensive tour of the Queen K and Energy Lab.

* 2009 My mom and I stayed at such a gross hotel that we had to go to Walmart to get new bedding, a coffee maker, bleach, towels etc. But you do what you got to do! My work is based on me racing and racing well! Podium = paycheck, no podium = no pay check

*2008 I started Ironman Wisconsin with the flu- threw up in the water a few times and had a terrible fever. Had to pull out on the bike in the pouring rain. I so badly want to race. My heart was broken. My job depends on me being healthy and well.

I laugh when people think my life is easy. My life is full of JOY and PASSION, but I wouldn't say I am sitting on the couch sipping tea and having bon-bons (though in those dark moments it sure "sounds good"). I am grateful for the opportunity to do what I do right now and will not take it for granted. So if you see me a bit serious at Master's Swim Practice, it is because this is my job. It is about showing up, sometimes it isn't glamorous but I LOVE IT!

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